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Tenant Forms


Please read the following steps carefully to apply for the rental property you’re interested in.

step 1.
Download the rental application document
step 2.
Fill out your information
step 3.
Print and sign the application form
step 4.
Fax to
02 8957 1187 or post it to us at
19 John Street, Lidcombe NSW

Please note that the application above is in PDF Format. If you do not already have the free Acrobat Reader application installed on your computer, you will first need to download it before viewing this Tenancy Application.

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  • 1. Property Applied For

  • 2. Tenancy requirements

  • 3. Occupancy Details

  • 4. Personal details

  • 5. Current rental details

  • 6. Previous rental history

  • 7. Current employment

  • 8. If self-employed, please complete the following

  • 9. Previous employment

  • 10. Personal/Business references: (not relatives)

  • 1. Reference name
  • 2. Reference name
  • 3. Reference name
  • 11. Emergency contact details

    In case of an emergency please contact:
  • 12. Please provide the following information

  • Drop files here or
    Your most recent payslip If you are self employed, please provide a copy of your last tax return/assessment If you are starting new employment , a letter of appointment from your employer
  • Drop files here or
    Drivers license Rental receipt Phone, electricity or Gas Account
  • If your application is successful.

    You will be asked to pay a deposit and sign a lease at the soonest possible opportunity agreed to by both parties

    Before or at the signing of the lease you will need to provide a Bond of 4 weeks rent

    Two weeks rent wil l need to be pai d in ad v ance prior to collecting keys and moving into the property

    By submitting this form, you authorise Sure Thing Real Estate to contact all nominated referees to obtain and confi rm details . You are als o au thorising Sure Thing Real Estate to share all details and information with the owners.

  • 14. Deposit

  • I acknowledge that I have paid a deposit of (bank transfer, bank cheque or cash)
  • to reserve the said premises for
  • During this period, the premises will not be shown to any other applicant, nor will a deposit be received from any other applicant. Should I decide not to proceed, the deposit will be forfeited to the owner for the amount of rent for the period the premises were reserved, the remainder if any is to be refunded. Should the landlord decline the application the reservation fee will be refunded in full. Payment of refund will be by trust account cheque. I shall make no claim against the owner or agent should the premises be found unavailable.
  • 15. Application

  • I the applicant, hereby apply for approval by the owner of the premises referred to in this form, to becoming the tenant of those premises in the terms and conditions contained in this form, and in the residential tenancy agreement to be drawn up by the owners managing agent. I, the applicant solemnly and sincerely declare that I am not a bankrupt or an undischarged bankrupt and affirm that the above information is true and correct. I have inspected the above premises and wish to take up a tenancy,
  • and the rental to be paid is within my means. I undertake to pay a rental bond by transfer, credit card or bank cheque upon signing of a residential tenancy agreement.
  • Please note the following: This application must be accompanied by a copy of the required documentation If there is more than one applicant, a separate application form is required for each applicant over 18 years of age. If the application is approved, you will be required to provide either a bank cheque or money order, or EFT for the rental bond, and two weeks rent prior to signing the lease. When the form has been completed, please fax or email back to a Sure Thing Estate Property Manager All information provided, is for the purposes of leasing th is premises only
  • Privacy Notice

  • We are an independently owned and operated business. We are bound by the National Privacy Principals. We collect personal information about you in this form to assess your application for a residential tenancy. We may need to collect information about you from your previous landlords or letting agents, your current employer and your referees. Your consent to us collecting this information is set out below. We may disclose personal information about you to the owner of the property to which this application relates. If this application is successful we may disclose your details to service providers relevant to the tenancy relationship, including maintenance contractors and the landlord’s insurers. We may also send personal information about you to the owners of any other properties at your request. You have the right to access personal information that we hold about you by contacting our privacy officer. If you do not complete this form or do not sign the consent below your application for a residential tenancy may not be considered by the owner of the relevant property or if considered may be rejected.
  • Privacy Consent

  • I the Applicant acknowledge that I have read the Privacy Notice of SureThing Real Estate. I
    authorise SureThing Real Estate to collect information about me from:
    1. My Previous letting agents and/or landlords;
    2. My personal referees;
    3. Any Tenancy Default Database which may contain personal information about me.
    I also authorize SureThing Real Estate to disclose details about any defaults by me under the
    tenancy to which this application relates to any tenancy default database to which it subscribes
    including Tenancy Information Centre of Australia (TICA), National Tenancy Database (NTD) and/or
    Trading Reference Australia (TRA).

    I authorise SureThing Real Estate to disclose the personal information it collects about me to the
    owner of the property even if the owner is a resident outside Australia; and to any third parties –
    valuers, contractors, sales people, insurance companies, body corporates, other agents and tenancy
    default databases.

    I/We agree and understand that in the event of this application being approved by the agent, the
    agent may report any defaults that may occur from time to time in the tenancy with TICA DEFAULT
    TENANCY DATABASE and any other tenancy database which may be available. I/we understand that
    in the event of a default being reported to TICA DEFAULT TENANCY DATABASE or any other tenancy
    database, the removal of such information is subject to the guidelines of the database companies.


For general maintenance please fill out and submit the below form, providing as much information of the repairs as possible. Maintenance, unless urgent, is given to tradesmen by the end of the following business day.

The tenant will be responsible for the payment of any repairs which are caused they have caused either accidently or maliciously. The cost of repairs will be debited from the tenant’s rental account after 30 days notice.

In the event of an urgent repair please ring our office on 9642 4288 immediately and we shall attend to your problem as quickly as possible. If the matter occurs outside business hours (9am-5:30pm) please take whatever action is necessary to protect your goods and the property from further damage.

As per your lease agreement, the method of access by a tradesman to your property is by use of management keys. They will call you prior to attending on the number you have supplied below.

  • Your Details

  • Maintenance Details



Please complete the following details if you wish to vacate the property you are leasing from Richard Matthews Real Estate. A minimum of 21 days notice is required if your fixed term lease has expired OR a minimum of 14 days notice is required to the end of your fixed term lease.